Sugiura is one of the main characters of Genkaku Picasso.



His personality is bright and cheerful. He is good at sports and gets on well with girls. He has lots of friends and is great at studying. He also has a huge crush on Akane and gets jealous whenever she shows more attention to Picasso (which is all the time).


2 years prior to the story Sugiura's mom died and him and his father grew apart.


Sugiura is the first person that Picasso has to help. Picasso draws a picture of his heart and finds out that Sugiura was going to kill a man so his father will be sad but luckily Picasso saved him and told him to talk to his dad. After that him and his dad made up and he promised he will get a national scholarship.

Later in the manga when Hikari tells Sugiura the truth, he is disgusted amd gets angry at Hikari for looking at his 'heart", but when Hikari is in own heart, and comes out. He accepts him.