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Genkaku Picasso Wiki is a collaborative website about the manga series Genkaku Picasso released by Shonen Jump. This Wiki can be edited by anyone so Enjoy!

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Genkaku Picasso is a Manga series realesed by Shonen Jump. Written by Usamaru Furuya and Illustrated by Usamaru Furuya. There are 3 books in the series. Genkaku Picasso is the story about a high school boy named Hikari Hamura nicknamed Picasso because of his natural artistic abilities. His only friend is a girl named Chiaki Yamamoto, but everything changes when him and Chiaki die in a accident. Cheating death, Chiaki, who died, comes back and tells Picasso he now must help people out or else he'll rot to death. Picasso is now able to see people's hearts, whenever he sees a dark aura around them, and draw's it even though he doesn't want to. Then he is able to dive into those drawings and help those people. Doing this, people start becoming attached to him, like Sugiura and Akane, the first two people he helped.

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